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Location &Transportation

QWhere is RIIC
ARIIC is on the top of NCCU campus. Drive along the Mountain Road, and then you can arrive at RIIC.

QI’m on NCCU campus, how can I get to RIIC?
A(1)DriveDrive into school from the front door, along with the yellow arrow in the picture above. When you’re leaving, turn right, and drive along Mountain Road Section 2 and Mountain Road Section 3.
      (2)School BusWait the bus across from Ba Jiao Pavilion which is behind Administration Building, and take bus #3.
    School bus timetablehttp://nccuga.nccu.edu.tw/app/pages.php?ID=nccubus
QI will drive to RIIC, where can I park? 
AThere are 69 parking spaces in the RIIC basement. Therefore, there are other parking spaces along Mountain Road and at Hilltop Platform.
QHow do I get to NCCU from Taoyuan International Airport?
  • By Taxi
There is a taxi pickup area by the Terminal Arrival area at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Airport taxies provide 24-hour transportation services. For a one way trip from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei City, the taxi cost falls in the range of $1,100 - 1,700 approximately, depending on the numbers of passengers, luggages, and the size of the car.
Terminal 1 Taxi Service Center's phone number: +886-3-398-2832
Terminal 2 Taxi Service Center's phone number: +886-3-398-3599
  • By Public Transportation