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International Entrepreneurship Hub

Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

International entrepreneurship hub holds the concept of humanism, and promotes the co-working space of innovational entrepreneurship in regions.

At present, professional freelance workers become a global trend. Where can we start our own business except in the garage, home, or office? Is there a working space that can meet the new-patterns independent works’ individual requirement? Co-working space is the best choice because of its pattern of micro-office.

You can start your own business by renting a desk! In the regions where creativity and entrepreneurship are booming, like North American, Europe, and North Africa, has already had lots kinds of co-working space. It can help the local entrepreneur run their own business by least human resources and least entrepreneurial costs.

Now on, there is a first co-working space in Taiwan. Through the platform of IEH at NCCU, we hope we can promote the concept of co-working space, and help people who want to start their own business to find the ideal entrepreneurial base.

From Jinhua Street to NCCU, and from CPBAE to RIIC, IEH is deeply linked with NCCU campus environment. With the resources from NCCU, it’s not just a dream to run your own business. In the contrast, it is a goal that can be practiced.
Let IEH helps you to make your dream come true!

IEH websitehttp://www.iehnccu.com/
IEH fanspagehttps://www.facebook.com/startupforest