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Q for Service

Q:How do I apply for being stationed?
A:(1)The permit should be passed by RIIC committee. Please download the proposal form and mail to hy337@nccu.edu.tw
(2)Any question about IEH, please call Ms. Huang (2939-3091 ext. 69326)
Q:How do I get the access to RIIC?
A:In work days, RIIC is free to pass in and out from 07:00 to 19:00. At other times, you should apply for the access. If you want to apply the access, please bring your staff ID card, student ID card, or temporary ID card and go to RIIC office at third floor. 
Q:How can I park in the basement?
A:Please reference to the the rules of parking. The opening hour is from 07:00 to 19:00. You can apply for the remote control of basement, if you want to park at other times.
Q:If I have any other problems, who can I find?
A:The office is at the third floor in RIIC.
  • Service contact person: Ms. Huang (ext. 69326)
  • Equipment and Repairs: Mr. Liang (ext. 69327)
  • Place renting and borrowing: Ms. Huang (ext. 69326)