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Q for Transportation

QWhere is RIIC
ARIIC is on the top of NCCU campus. Drive along the Mountain Road, and then you can arrive at RIIC.

QI’m on NCCU campus, how can I get to RIIC?
A(1)DriveDrive into school from the front door, along with the yellow arrow in the picture above. When you’re leaving, turn right, and drive along Mountain Road Section 2 and Mountain Road Section 3.
      (2)School BusWait the bus across from Ba Jiao Pavilion which is behind Administration Building, and take bus #3.
    School bus timetablehttp://nccuga.nccu.edu.tw/app/pages.php?ID=nccubus
QI will drive to RIIC, where can I park?
AThere are 69 parking spaces in the RIIC basement. Therefore, there are other parking spaces along Mountain Road and at Hilltop Platform.
QHow do I get to NCCU from Taoyuan International Airport?
  • By Taxi
There is a taxi pickup area by the Terminal Arrival area at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Airport taxies provide 24-hour transportation services. For a one way trip from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei City, the taxi cost falls in the range of $1,100 - 1,700 approximately, depending on the numbers of passengers, luggages, and the size of the car.
Terminal 1 Taxi Service Center's phone number: +886-3-398-2832
Terminal 2 Taxi Service Center's phone number: +886-3-398-3599
  • By Public Transportation