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Service Team

Title Name Office ext. NO. Responsibilities
Dean of Research and Development Yu-Li Liu 67279
  • Lead RIIC and make strategic decisions.
Vice dean of research of development & Director of Innovational Incubation center Rua-Huan Tsaih 69332
  • Give assistance to dean and Lead IIC.
Manager Jason Chang 69330
  • Business of RIIC
  • Manage labs and centers units
Administrative Specialist II Xiao-Yun  Huang 69326
  • Manage the space usage.
  • Maintain and Manage the RIIC website.
  • Help the coordination of labs and centers units.
  • Manage Income and Expenses of RIIC.
Administrative Specialist II Robert Liang 69327
  • Manage the digital equipment of RIIC.
  • Internet, equipment services.
Administrative Staff Shing-Ping  Chang 67080
  • News and public relationship service of RIIC
Administrative Associate Ruei-Ling Wen 69329
  • Administration service of RIIC.
  • Budget verification and cancellation
Janitor Chun-Ping  Chen 69328
  • Maintain the environment of RIIC
  • Receipt and delivery of all official documents