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About RIIC

Research and Innovation-Incubation Center (RIIC) is the NCCU’s new multifunctional space. It is combined with creativity, education, research and incubation, and it builds the channel to transform knowledge and research into the application of society by sharing the space.

RIIC not only provides the support of hardware space, we are also dedicated to being service-oriented that combine with the power of enterprise, industry, institution of research, and the knowledge of university. By doing so, we can establish the interdisciplinary platform between humanities and technology, then develop the new area for research.

RIIC not only build the channel of creativity, education, research and incubation, and we also hope to create the boom of entrepreneurship of NCCU students, finally build the platform of innovational entrepreneurship.

Multi-space and Multifunction

Based on the concepts of openness, sustainability, dialogue, and creativity, RIIC provides diversity and multifunctional space for teaching and research. There are different functions and tasks assigned to each floor.

The first floor is the creativity exhibition space. It takes full advantages of the beautiful scenery in NCCU to establish the connection between the university and the community. Through International Conference room, 3D Studio, Wen-Shan Future Exhibition Hall, and other multifunctional exhibition space, we can present the rich and diverse research results in NCCU.

The second floor is the university-baseds research center which integrates important research projects of NCCU. Besides, it is the experimental space for creative classroom experiments such as Physics Teaching Lab, and Lab for Makers which manifest the creative teaching results of our school.

The third floor is intended for proactive future researches. It is aimed at displaying the highlights of NCCU academic achievements and inviting outstanding companies to establish labs here. Through intensive industry-university cooperation, we hope to form close relations between the university and society.

The fourth floor is the platform for creative business establishment. There are not only studios of a variety of businesses but also the International Entrepreneurship Hub, which, based on the image of co-working space, provides opportunities of mutual inspiration and brainstorming among students and alumni.

The fifth floor is the research rooms where outstanding nationwide and international academics are invited and gathered in order to improve the academic significance of the university.

By integrating different functions of each floor, the RIIC is going to be a platform for creativity, innovation, teaching, research, and incubation exchange.